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Need artistic inspiration? Tie up your friends!

Barakamon is this endearing story of a calligraphy artist who goes to a remote town to do a little soul searching. But there are these purely hilarious moments that make you laugh too!

Every artist understands what it's like to have a slump.

Perhaps a little bondage will help?

Sailor Moon Clothes

I've never been one for designer price tags, but throw some anime references on something and I'm all for it! So I ordered myself a Super Sailor Moon skater dress from Living Dead Clothing. 
This will make a nice addition to my Sailor Moon clothing I bought from Spinns in Japan. Now I have a nice summer wardrobe!

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 6 - Tuxedo Mask (is hot)

Mamoru Chiba shirtless fanservice? Yes please!


Just like Usagi, my crush on Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask has been reignited from a lifetime ago.

Sexual tension much?

Check out dat booty!

Abdul & Polnareff's Bizarre Wizzing Adventure

Punishing your hiding underground enemies by peeing down their air pipe is definitely sweet revenge. Well... I guess it didn't taste so sweet for the bad guy. But Polnareff and Abdul got a laugh out of it.