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FFXIV A Realm Reborn - Free Login Week!

If you've previously purchased Final Fantasy 14 and your subscription is currently inactive then you are eligible to enjoy some free play time from the 27th of February until the 9th of March, 2015.

With the new Manderville Gold Saucer casino sporting various mini games such as Triple Triad (from Final Fantasy 8) and Chocobo Racing, it's a perfect time to jump back in and check out the new content.

If you're wondering how to find the Manderville Gold Saucer. Heres a video showing where the NPC that leads you to the casino quest is!

Full details here at the Lodestone

Attack on Titan clothes for your Sims!


Maria the Virgin Witch summoned an incomplete incubus!

Maria skipped sex ed class somewhere along the line and doesn't know what a naked man looks like. So when she tries to create an incubus, he's missing a few details!


He tries to be optimistic but eventually the penis envy gets to poor Priapus and every day he begs Maria for her to complete his body.

Without all his parts he is unable to fulfill his duties as an incubus!


At least he still has a butthole! XD

Lelouch mouse pad... with boobs! WAIT WHAT?

Just incase Lelouch didn't already confuse your sexuality. Now you can get one of those boobie mousepads with a picture of him on it!
Now available here
Originally here - currently sold out

Attack on Titan parody from Denki-gai no Honya-san

It's time for Attack on Uncle in episode 7 of  Denki-gai no Honya-san!

Free! OVA with epic watergun battle!

Coming March 18th 2015 on Bluray and DVD to Japan will be the Free! Eternal Summer OVA.

Here's the trailer!

*edit* August 16, 2015. Here's the full episode to watch online!!

Vegeta finds the dragon balls...

....They were in his pants the whole time.

Also, nice ass.

Sega Saturn is getting a nendoroid figure!

Concept Artwork
Sculpt Teaser!
Hopefully the full sculpt of this figure will be previewed at Winter Wonderfest, which is only days away now. Last year a Sega PM Figure of Saturn was released at Summer Wonderfest and was very limited. Now that the Sega Hard Girls mini series has aired hopefully we will see more of these cute console characters as nendoroids.