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Free! Makoto & Haruka Mook (Magazine Book?) Translation & Scans

I spent yesterday afternoon reading this translation as it was live updated. It was quite the roller coaster of squee and feels. This is an official story by KyoAni. MakoHaru is so canon.

Mook scans by sunyshore​
I've added some anime screenshots for your viewing pleasure too :)

Original Translation by donamoeba

Bubbling of the Starry Sky
Haruka Nanase - Half-fish Chef
Makoto Tachibana - Firefighter
Rin Matsuoka - Samezuka Station Police Officer
Nagisa Hazuki - Astronaut
Rei Ryugazaki - Scientist

*at the wharf*

The warehouse is burning.  There are sounds of siren from the firetrucks.  The firefighters rush to the scene as they get off the firetrucks.  Makoto can be seen among them. Makoto, wearing fireproof gears, grips onto the fire hose tightly with his strong arms as high-pressure water spurts out of it, directing the water towards  the roaring flames…
*in front of Makoto’s apartment* (at night)

The cherry blossom tree is in full bloom.  Makoto finishes work and returns home.
Makoto: Phe…