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Code Geass : Akito the Exiled episode 3 OVA - Lelouch screenshot frenzy!

Watched Code Geass : Akito the Exiled ep 3 today, it was good. The mecha battles look really great with computer animation and Lelouch is fabulous as always, even if he currently thinks he is "Julias Kingsley". Pretty sure they re-wrote the script for Akito the Exiled to include Lelouch and that's why it's taken almost 2 years for the 3rd OVA to come out and the original plan for 4 episode's has now become 5. Not complaining one bit. Lelouch makes everything better!

Hence forth, all these screenshots are from the scenes that include Lelouch. Because who gives a shit about anyone else? (ok so maybe I like Leila and Akito a decent amount but that's overshadowed by LELOUCHHHHHH!!!)

You missed this fucking sexy face didn't you?

...And those scandelous hips.

Screw you all..

...I am now a magical girl.

Check out my sweet wand!

Oh yeah and obey the wand.