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Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation - Episode 1 Screenshots

Ok the thing about the PSO2 anime is you probably need to be a fan of the Phantasy Star Online games to enjoy it. The in-game sequences are great. The high school life part..... not so great. I would have much preferred the story not be presented in such a "breaking the 4th wall" style.

In fact I'd really liked to have seen a story from the original PSO game animated, such as the plights of Red Ring Rico and how the people of the first ship became devoured by Falz.
But lets get back on track and accept this for what it is. The opening part of the anime seems to show a flash-foward to a later in-game battle and then flips back to the real world. These kids are going to a school quite literally named Sega and the student council has to submit reports on PSO2, for some presently unknown reason. (Kinda reminds me of the Sega Hard Girls show). The main character Itsuki Tachibana then starts playing PSO2 for the first time after joining the student council. You have to suffer…