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More Sexy Men with Squishy Butt's and Pecs on Mouse Pads!

I've done some more digging around the internet and found more 3D mouse pads featuring hot bishi's and where you can buy them! Enjoy ~ <3 p="">

Kise showing of his pecs and Kuroko's lovely butt are available here
Kotomine Kirei from Fate/Stay Night shows off his butt and is available on ebay and aliexpress
This super hot yaoi mouse pad of Archer and Lancer is available to buy here I couldn't resist and I'm getting this for myself XD
If the previous mouse mat was too hot for your, perhaps this adorable chibi version of Rider and Waver from Fate/Zero is more up your alley! Available on aliexpress
Gilgamesh bending over and submitting his butt for your wrist resting pleasure is available from here
Luffy from One Piece is available here
That's all for now! I hope this helped you find a nice husbando in mouse mat form! You can view the previous post with Sexy Bishounen Moust Pads here