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Macross Delta - episode 7 screenshots - Protoculture, Pineapple Salad and Purrfect Disguises =^_^=

I've been having a lot of fun following this latest installment of Macross and matching references to the other series in the franchise. I'm actually pretty happy to have cat people and mer people as a canon race now! This weeks episode was set on the cat planet Voldor!

There were some pretty interesting bits of information in this episode, so spoiler warnings for this post! 
Macross Zero Birdman reference right there!
Pretty Protoculture ruins!
Reina kicks the story in motion with hacking Voldor's defence systems so the team can sneak their ship on to the planet.
With some morale support from Makina. <3 p="">
And very cute animations to depict hacking, because who wants to stare at boring old command prompts?

Bam, we're in!
Voldor is the cat people planet and out come the kitty ears!